Theology on Tap

COMING SOON: Theology on Tap: A Third Round (summer 2019)

If you are interested in helping with the planning and production of Theology on Tap in Rochester, or if you are interesting in sponsoring the series, please let us know at


During January and February of 2019, the Passing Current Podcast (in conjunction with Rochester Young Adult Catholic Ministries and Real Presence Radio) hosted a six-pack Theology on Tap series (which became a five-pack, due to weather) at Kathy’s Pub in Rochester, MN. Each of these talks are posted below; we hope you enjoy these presentations! A special thanks to all of our speakers, both those who did speak and those who were stopped by bad weather: Tim Streiff, Brian Kusek, Father Jason Kern, Theresa Martin, Father The Hoang, Father Tim Biren, and Susan Windley-Daoust.