Theology on Tap

The Passing Currents Podcast regularly hosts Theology on Tap series in Rochester, MN. To see the schedule for upcoming series or to listen to preview series, see below. If you are interested in helping with the planning and production of Theology on Tap in Rochester, or if you are interesting in sponsoring the series, please let us know at

Theology on Tap VI: Grill the Priest (Father The Hoang)

For this, our final Theology on Tap presentation, we had to pull an audible: due to inclement weather, our planned speaker, Dr. Susan Windley-Daoust, was unable to make it. However, this gave us a chance to make up the Grill the Priest session that we lost due to weather two weeks ago. Father The Hoang of Pax Christ Catholic Church in Rochester was willing to sit down with us and field questions from the audience (you may remember Father The from when he was on the podcast last spring as then-Deacon The). Enjoy!