The Podcast

Episode 69: No More Christian Nice Guy

This week, Brian and Eric sit down to give their thoughts on Eric’s interview with their friend Spencer Flippin. They discuss the universal meaning of suffering, give some evangelical discussion strategies, and, most importantly, push back against the idea that the purpose of religion is to be a good person. They connect that very issue, as well, in their response to Spencer’s question on how we as Catholics can bear to call people to become Catholic when it is so clear that our church is full of sinners. It’s a loaded week, to say the least! Enjoy!

Recommended Reads: No More Christian Nice Guy, Paul Coughlin; Real Choices: Listening to Women; Looking for Alternatives to Abortion, Fredericka Mathewes-Green; Architects of the Culture of Death, Donald DeMarco; Seeds of the Word, Bishop Robert Barron; Fides et Ratio, Saint Pope John Paul II; God or Nothing, Robert Cardinal Sarah.