The Podcast

Episode 48: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This week, the boys discuss Brian's interview with his good friend Eric. They address, in part, mortality and the role of death in our understanding of life and faith, but primarily focus on Eric's final question: is there something that could make you NOT Catholic? The boys each give their own answers, and also discuss why the sex scandal and coverup in the Church, though abhorrent and in need to rooting out, is NOT a reason to leave the Catholic Church.

As mentioned in the episode, instead of recommended reads this week, we have a collection of talks/podcasts/videos assessing the scandal that do a much better job than we do. Since we are not, at this time, devoting a specific episode to the scandal (though as you'll hear, we discuss it at length here in relation to Eric's interview and will continue to do so in the future), we encourage you to listen to all of these resources. They are honest yet hopeful in ways that are deeply necessary as we go forward.

1. Catholic Stuff You Should Know: The Scandal and the Scouring

2. Father Mike Schmitz: The Pennsylvania Sex Scandal

3. Father Mike Schmitz: Repentence and Church Reform

4. Bishop Barron: Q&A about the Sexual Abuse Crisis

5. Bishop Barron: Why Remain Catholic (With So Much Scandal)

6. Pints with Aquinas: Should Pope Francis Resign?

7. Pints With Aquinas: The Homosexual Problem in the Priesthood

8. Pints With Aquinas: From Scandal to Hope