The Podcast

Episode 53: More Than My Desires

“My name is Avera, I’m here to set the world on fire, and take everybody with me, and take the heretics down.”

And with that, you meet this week’s guest, the ever-joyous Avera Maria Santo. Avera is a writer, speaker, and social media presence whose zeal for the Gospel is irresistible. In particular, her personal witness to living the Church’s teachings on same-sex attraction is of unparalleled importance today. In this episode, Avera shares her story and mission to spread the truth about God’s will for us and our desires. Please enjoy this laughter-filled interview (unless ye be a heretic, in which case, look out)!

Recommended Reads: Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay, Daniel Mattson; Made for Love, Fr. Mike Schmitz; Avera’s Letter to the Synod of Bishops; Inside My Holy of Holies