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Episode 84: That They May Be One

This week, in our final episode of Season Two, Brian and Eric give their response to Brett’s interview by discussing the issue that sits at the very heart of this show: how to truly love those with whom you disagree. They grapple with (among other things) truth, community, the heart of friendship, and the difficulties and possibilities of honest love. We hope you enjoy this final conversation of Season Two (as well as Season Two’s blooper reel!).

As always: thank you all so very much for listening. We can’t wait until we sit down with you all again.

Episode 83: Loving God With Our Minds

In this, the final interview of Season Two, Eric sits down with his good friend Brett Blattner, whom he met last fall when Brett was assigned to observe Eric’s classroom. The two of them discuss Brett’s story, from his upbringing in the ELCA Lutheran church to his exposure to intellectual Christianity at Luther College. Finally, Brett asks a question that gets to the heart of Christian fellowship and, frankly, at the heart of the mission of this podcast: does Eric see Brett as a brother in faith, or (being that Brett is not Catholic) does Eric see Brett as needing evangelization? BONUS: Old friend Phil Meyer, who was featured in the final interview of Season 1 (Episode 43: Complete Fulphilment), stops in to help Eric out with the intro. ENJOY!

Recommended Reads: Fides et Ratio, Papa JP; Theology and Sanity, Frank Sheed; Redemptoris Missio, Papa JP

Episode 82: Dignity in Sacrifice

This week, Brian and Eric sit down to respond to Brian’s interview with Becca. They continue discussing what has become something of a regular topic among our interviewees: community. Specifically, they discuss how to find healing from wounds caused by unhealthy community experiences, particularly unhealthy faith communities. Then they dive into Becca’s question about the role of women in the Catholic Church (specifically with regards to the priesthood). The boys do their best to answer the question, while also exploring how the Church can better communicate the truth regarding the oft-misunderstood issue.

Episode 81: Beccause We Can

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back at the beginning of the podcast, we did an interview with Jared Sands. This week, we are fortunate to have as a guest Becca Sands (of whom Jared is husband). Becca sat down with Brian to discuss her background in Christianity and her current spirituality, concluding with a question about women in today’s Church.

Episode 80: And You're Gonna Hear Me Rohr

In this week’s episode, Brian and Eric discuss Eric’s interview with his friend Paul. They discuss the impact of communities which fail their members, and address Paul’s question seeking a review of Father Richard Rohr. Enjoy!

A Sample of Father Rohr (referenced in our episode):

A Father Rohr Alternative: Msgr Thomas Cook. Sermons: NOTE: Father Cook was moved to Rome last June, and has not been giving regular sermons since then, which is why the newest posting is last June. However, we are confident that the five previous years of sermons will be enough to fill your appetite for the time being.

Episode 79: Is Anybody Listening?

For the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing community on this podcast. This week, in Eric’s interview with his friend Paul, we discuss another aspect of Christian community: namely, impact and difficulty of when a Christian community lets you down.

Episode 78: Community vs. Communion

THIS WEEK Brian and Eric tackle Greg's interview, with particular focus on his question regarding the role and significance of community in the life of faith. They discuss the difference and relationship between community and communion, and why real communion is so important when seeking to develop a church community. Brian also mocks Eric's farmer's (track coach's) tan. Enjoy!

Episode 77: Do Yankee Fans Go to Heaven?

In this week’s episode, Eric sits down with his old friend Greg. They discuss Greg’s upbringing in a non-religious family, his observations of the religious church-going life from the outside looking in, and whether or not it’s possible for a modern book (like Harry Potter) to “replace” the Bible as the foundational sacred text of our society. Finally, Greg asks a great question about the role of community in church.

Recommended Reads: The Case for Jesus, Brant Pitre.

Episode 76: Emotional High, Spiritual High

In this week’s episode (the first recorded at the brand new Studio C), the boys give their response to Brian’s interview last week with Michal and Karolina. They discuss the charistmatic renewal movement in the Catholic Church, highlighting some positives that they see in it, as well as some potential pitfalls the be wary of in this particular form of spirituality.

Episode 75: Contemplatin' Charismatin'

In this week’s episode, Brian sits down with Karolina and Michal (a.k.a The Two Most Peacefulest People on the Planet). He discussed with them their involvement in and experience of the charistmatic renewal movement in Catholicism, as well as their more recent exploration of the contemplative side of Catholicism—a side which some may see as contradictory to their charismatic experiences. Enjoy!

Episode 74: UNLIMITED COSMIC POWER (Itty Bitty Living Space)

This week, due to Brian and Eric being up to their necks in chaos and busyness, we have no new interview for you. We DO however, have the best back-up option ever. Last weekend, Dominican priest and longtime friend of the podcast Father Patrick Mary Briscoe traveled from the East Coast to the Diocese of Winona-Rochester to deliver a talk at the diocesan men’s conference. He spoke on the real presence of God, His impact in our lives, and effective discernment. The talk was absolutely brilliant, and we present that talk to you today. We hope you enjoy this tremendous presentation by the great Father Patrick Mary.

Episode 73: The Purpose and Power of Pilgrimage

This week (in the FINAL episode ever recorded in Studio A), Eric and Brian discuss Eric’s interview with his Poland friends (see Episode 72). Brian shares his own pilgrimage experience, his being with his wife on the Camino de Santiago, and the boys discuss the purpose of a pilgrimage, as well as how to have a pilgrimage experience for yourself without breaking the bank.

Recommended Reads: The Power of Silence, Robert Cardinal Sarah; Discovering the Camino de Santiago, Greg J. Markey.

Episode 72: Nine Nights In Krakow

Three years ago, Eric attended World Youth Day in Poland. There in Krakow, amidst the throngs of millions from around the globe, he met five very special people: Charlie, Diana, Kaylee, Stephen, and Morgan.

In this week’s very special episode, Eric sits down with those very friends, reunited with them for the first time since Poland, and asks them two questions: when you went to World Youth Day, what were you looking for, and what did you find?

Recommended Reads: Mother Theresa’s Secret Fire, Joseph Langford (Morgan); I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux, Fr. Jean J. D’Elbee (Morgan); Interior Freedom, Fr. Jacques Philippe (Stephen); The Family That Overtook Christ, Father M. Raymond (Kaylee); Life of Christ, Ven. Arch. Fulton J. Sheen (Kaylee); Victory Over Vice, Ven. Arch. Fulton J. Sheen (Kaylee); Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II, George Weigel; A Man for Others: Maximilian Kolbe, Saint of Auschwitz, Patricia Treece; Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl (Diana); The Bible, God (Charlie).

Episode 71: Back to Basics

In this episode, the guys try to unpack Callum’s questions from last week, namely, if nothing’s wrong with the novus ordo (read: “new mass”), why are so many younger Catholics running away from it? What will we do when this trend takes over the Church?

Rec. Reads: Pope Paul VI, Missale Romanum; Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages, Peter Kwasniewski; The Rhine Flows into the Tiber, Ralph Wiltgen;What Happened at Vatican II, John O’Malley;

Episode 70: Callumity in the Sacristy

This week, Brian sits down with his friend Callum to discuss his journey into what some may characterize as “traditional Catholicism.” They also discuss some of the question surrounding “traddy Catholics", including: Is Novus Ordo valid? Is the Latin Mass even allowed anymore? And, most importantly, why do some “traditional” Catholics seem so dang crabby all the time? Enjoy!

Recommended Reads: The Binding Force of Tradition, Fr. Chad Ripperger; Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais; Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI.

Episode 69: No More Christian Nice Guy

This week, Brian and Eric sit down to give their thoughts on Eric’s interview with their friend Spencer Flippin. They discuss the universal meaning of suffering, give some evangelical discussion strategies, and, most importantly, push back against the idea that the purpose of religion is to be a good person. They connect that very issue, as well, in their response to Spencer’s question on how we as Catholics can bear to call people to become Catholic when it is so clear that our church is full of sinners. It’s a loaded week, to say the least! Enjoy!

Recommended Reads: No More Christian Nice Guy, Paul Coughlin; Real Choices: Listening to Women; Looking for Alternatives to Abortion, Fredericka Mathewes-Green; Architects of the Culture of Death, Donald DeMarco; Seeds of the Word, Bishop Robert Barron; Fides et Ratio, Saint Pope John Paul II; God or Nothing, Robert Cardinal Sarah.

Episode 68: So A Podcast Host and a Bartender Walk Into A Bar...

This week, Eric sits down with a very special guest: Spencer Flippin, who worked the bar at Kathy’s Pub for each of the Theology on Tap presentations this winter. Eric and Spencer’s discussion is a doozy, including (but not limited to) topics like: freedom, whether or not you need religion to be a good person, The West Wing, abortion, forgiveness, free will, Jim Gaffigan, suffering, the sex abuse crisis, and more. So, you know…a normal barroom chat! Enjoy!

Recommended Reads: Interior Freedom, Jacques Philippe; Truth and Tolerance; Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Papa Benny).

Episode 67: Undivided Hearts

This week, Brian and Eric sit down to discuss the question posed to us by Brian's friend Andrew: when is the Catholic Church finally going to let priests get married? The boys give their answer, discussing what total gift of self looks like in the context of the vocations of both the priesthood and marriage. They also lay out the key differences between what a priest is and what a lay person, or even a non-Catholic minister, is.

Recommended Reads: When God Asks for an Undivided Heart, Andrew Apostoli, CFR; To Save a Thousand Souls, Brett Brannen; The Priest is Not His Own, Ven. Arch. Fulton J. Sheen; Three to Get Married, Ven. Arch. Fulton J. Sheen.

Recommended Watch: Calvary

Episode 66: Brief Interviews with Illinois Men

This week, Brian sits down for an interview with his old friend from high school, Andrew. Andrew was raised Catholic with Brian and is now studying to be a Lutheran pastor. The interview is, unfortunately, a little brief, as Brian has to duck out midway through, but not before we’re able to hear some good stuff from Andrew. Plus, due to the truncated nature of the interview, Eric and Brian fill out the episode with some immediate response to the interview (though treatment of his outstanding question on celibacy is saved for next week’s episode). Enjoy!

Recommended Reads: 40 Reasons I Am a Catholic, Peter Kreeft; Three Treatises, Martin Luther; True Reformers, Christopher Blum; The Risk of Education, Luigi Guissani.

Episode 65: Sinners with a Podcast

WE’RE BACK. This week, in their triumphant return, the boys talk about how they’re weak and imperfect and very big sinners.


That’s what we talk about.

And it’s important. Give it a listen.

The Article Mentioned in the Episode: